Summer Chinook Northwest Premier Outfitters

This past weekend my husband and I had the opportunity to fish with our friend Brian. He owns the guide service Northwest Premier Outfitters. We have fished with him in the past and had a blast each trip. This trip was no exception!


We meet Brian on the Wheeler Marina and meet the rest of the people fishing on the boat. Brian had a full boat and we were all ready to catch some summer chinook. The day started out overcast and then turned into a beautiful sunny day on the Oregon Coast.

Our first pass was above the boat launch and we did not hook a fish. We had a few bites but nothing stuck. Brian made the decision to see what was going on a little further up river and we made a few passes up there but saw no action. We headed down to where we had the bites and on our first pass Don hooked a really nice summer chinook. Now that we had the first fish in the boat we were all anxiously awaiting the next take down.

We had gone up river again and was about to switch my herring but changed my mind. It was spinning like a bullet and looked very fishy. Within the first minutes of the troll my herring gets bit then the rod slams down. Line is peeling off the reel and as soon as I picked up the rod I knew I had a hot fish. Brian quickly got the net and I let my fish take a few big runs before deciding she was ready for the net. As I lifted the rod and stepped back Brian reached out and quickly scooped her out of the river.



Once she was in the boat I got to see the where the hook had buried in my stunning fish. It was deep in the throat, she ended up swallowing the hook so deep it was buried next to her heart. I guess she really wanted that herring. Brian got us right back into the troll and we had a few short bites then the bite shut off completely. We were not seeing other boats hooked up where we were fishing. Brian decided to head down to Wheeler to see if there was any action down there. Unfortunately the story was the same. We worked the water and kept searching for biters but did not end up with anymore fish for the boat.


Short bites and small flurries of a bite seems to have been the story of this fishery so far for the year. I am confident the bite will get better and better. Maybe I will take a break from fishing Buoy 10 to take a trip south and visit again.


This latest trip with Northwest Premier Outfitters was great. Brian is a lot of fun to fish with and he takes great care of his clients. I can’t wait for my next opportunity to fish with him. The trips are always memorable and full of laughs.