Freezer full of salmon.

Sharing the Bounty

My spring chinook season is finally over and my freezers are full. My husband and I took advantage of a nonfishing weekend day and decided to get some run around done. While we were driving to pick berries we were discussing the state of our freezers and decided to bring some salmon to our local fire station.

We got home and loaded up a cooler with a bunch of spring chinook and headed over to the station. Luckily the firemen were not out on a call. We had just pressed the buzzer and were welcomed by a fireman. He was very surprised and thrilled that we had thought of them. Sean and I were welcomed into the station and chatted for a bit with the men. We thanked them for their hard work and wished them a safe holiday.

I really enjoy making someone’s day with an unexpected gift of salmon. Hopefully this holiday weekend will be uneventful for our local firemen except for a delicious salmon dinner.