Salmon & Sweet Potato Dog Food

Barrett and Porterhouse are my canine children and they both suffer from allergies. I have tried many different types of dog food to try to remedy the situation. Finally I had enough and did some research online for dog food recipes. There were many recipes online but I wanted one with minimal ingredients that would provide good nutrition for my boys. Making your own dog food is a good way to not waste fish that may have sat in your freezer a little too long or a great way not to waste the fish that did not cut as expected.

I am excited to share this with you and I hope your dog enjoys it as much as mine do.

This recipe can be made in larger or smaller batches.



4 cups cooked salmon or steelhead (make sure the fish is thoroughly cooked to at least 145 degrees and deboned)

2 cups cubed roasted sweet potatoes

1/2 cup peas

1/3 cup chopped carrots

2 tbs dried cranberries



Roast sweet potatoes and carrots to preference. (roasting the carrots is not necessary)

When preparing the raw salmon or steelhead it is easiest to remove the skin before roasting the fish.

After the fish has cooled break it apart removing the bones as you measure it into 4 cups.

Combine all of the ingredients into a large mixing bowl.

Once combined put the mixture through a meat grinder (dogs have shorter digestive tracts than humans and this steps helps make the food easier for their bodies to digest)

Once the food has been through the meat grinder separate it into freezer bags and seal. (I do 2-3 days of food per bag to ensure that it will not spoil)

The best way to optimize freezer space is to flatten out the freezer bags as much as possible before freezing.


I feed Barrett and Porterhouse ¾-1 cup of food twice a day. They are in the 35-40# range. If you have questions about how much to feed your dog please consult your veterinarian.