Renee Johnson fishing for winter steelhead.

Rule #5

One Sunday I stopped by my parents’ house and my Dad was really excited to talk to me. I had no clue what was on his mind, but I knew it was something good. “Rule number five” was the first thing that came out of his mouth when we started our discussion. I asked him “what in the hell are you talking about.” He replied with laughter.

The conversation continued and he told me about Rule #5, a bit of wisdom that was shared by my friend Justin. Both Justin and my Dad are avid cyclists and Justin had come across I asked him a few times what Rule #5 was and he would just laugh. Finally I got the answer I had been seeking. “Rule #5 is Harden the Fuck Up” came out of my Dads mouth followed by a big smile and more laughter. We looked online for more information about this rule and found this video

After watching the video could not stop thinking about all the applications for Rule #5 in my life. Fishing is a time that Rule #5 comes into play. This rule has helped me push myself farther and harder. Crossing rivers at night… Rule #5. The sky has opened up and started dumping rain so hard your socks are wet inside your waders… Rule #5. Fishing too soon after knee surgery and there is a big painful pop in your leg while fighting a fish… Rule #5. A favorite fishing hole is blown up… Rule #5. The applications for Rule # 5 are endless in fishing and regular life.

Fishing is something that is near and dear to many people. We are all out there to enjoy ourselves and there are endless opportunities to explore and get away from crowds. Remember…You can always go home or you can think about Rule #5 and Harden the Fuck Up.