Cover girl Northwest Sportsman magazine is Renee Johnson

Real Women of Northwest Fishing

This past December I was featured on the cover of “Northwest Sportsman Magazine” Real Women of Northwest Fishing edition.  I was able to share my fishing story with the readers of this magazine, let them learn more about my goals, and my fishing adventures. It is an honor to have been chosen for the cover and I would like to share the link to the article I wrote about my fishing story.  There are many women featured in this special edition of “Northwest Sportsman Magazine” and their articles on their fishing experiences are a great read. I am honored to have had the opportunity to share this experience with all of the featured in this issue.

Women involved in fishing are increasing in numbers and have proven themselves to be great anglers. The passion that the female spirit brings to the sport is incredible and I absolutely love what women are bringing to the table. The fishing industry is responding to the female anglers and the demand for quality products for women. Fishing guides are responding to the change in demographic in fishing as well. There are tournaments and fishing trips that are embracing the ladies of the sport. I am excited to see what the future brings for women in fishing and I will keep you updated.