Pacific Wild TV ep 7 Upper Columbia River King Salmon

My buddy Calvin Sampson had a wonderful idea that he wanted to share with the world. His daughter Alexandra wanted to learn to fish for chinook salmon and he thought I would be a great fit for her teacher. I called up my friend Brian, owner of Northwest Premier Outfitters, and told him the plan. Brian was in, without hesitation.

Needless to say we got into some big fish! Lamiglas was kind enough to let us use the new Super G fiberglass rod. I fell in love! We also ran my personal favorite Lamiglas rods the XCC-1064. These fish crushed Brad’s Super Baits & VIP Outdoors 3.5 spinners, which made for a killer day on the water!

Thank you Calvin for the privilege of teaching your girl to fish for Kings in the Mighty Columbia.