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North Passage, Pure Outdoor Media

As you may have noticed I have not been working on my blog lately. Currently my focus has been on a business venture, North Passage, that I hope will create more opportunity for myself and family to enjoy life. When I say enjoy life I mean fish more.

North Passage is this venture we are a team made of, good friend Brian May and my husband Sean Derry. North Passage is ultimately a media company that specializes in the outdoors. We offer services in social media management, video production, web design, SEO, SMO, and graphic design. North Passage also has a YouTube channel that we are posting our own adventures on.

My goal is to create videos that are different from the usual salmon and steelhead videos that are being made right now. Personally I am inspired by many things that are not related to salmon and steelhead but would like to see them brought into the video culture. Bass anglers have some great things happening in video right now. Fly fishing videos have some of the most amazing scenery shots I have seen in fishing videos. Offshore videos are just incredible to watch the action and colors are wonderful.

How is North Passage going to bring change to salmon and steelhead videos? My answer is one video at a time. We are also looking for your feedback on videos we create. I am also going to bring some of the things that inspire me to social media. We are not looking to rock the boat, just change the direction media is headed.

My blog Renee Johnson Fishing blog is here to stay and I hope to have a bit more time for it in the near future. Until then watch for North Passage on your social media and online. If you have a business that needs our help we are here are ready to increase brand awareness, target your audience, and help your brand shine.

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