My First Fish

Fishing was not something I did as a child and was not even a thought to me until I meet my husband. The few experiences I had as a child were trips to trout ponds and one trip salmon fishing with my Dad. My father does not have the same passion I do for fishing but is up to go out once or twice a year if the report is promising. My mother’s side of the family had a commercial fisherman in it, but she also did not have a passion for fishing. When I meet my husband he had just gotten done processing tuna from a trip the day before and he was excited to tell me stories from the trip he had just gone on. He was the one with the passion that introduced me to the world of fishing.

Sean, my husband, had gotten me a rod and reel for my 30th birthday and I was not sure what to think about it. I had always wondered why he was so happy after what seemed like a miserable fishing trip and I was intrigued by fishing. All of the gear was fascinating to me and I wanted to learn more about it. I spent a few nights at home tying knots, choosing spin-n-glows for plunking leaders, but I really wanted to try it for myself.

One lazy Sunday morning I told Sean I wanted to go fishing and his eyes lit up. He quickly found directions to Hagg Lake and we got all loaded up to go. When we got to the lake I had no clue how to do anything but Sean was patient and got my fishing rod ready to go. My first cast ended up not too far from my feet. I reeled in and let Sean cast for me. Nothing was really going on for the first 30 minutes and I was getting bored. Sean was being very patient and teaching me to mend my line, tie knots and rig my rod. Finally I saw my bobber move it was just a few twitches then nothing. A few minutes later Sean’s bobber twitched and went down. He set the hook and had a fish on. I was so excited to see him catch a fish that the boredom quickly disappeared.

While Sean was taking care of the fish he had just caught my bobber was ticking away and it slowly went down. I wasn’t sure what to do so I set the hook like Sean had and there was a fish on. I slowly reeled in my trout and brought it in. The feeling was absolutely amazing and I was hooked. Instantly I wanted to do more and learn as much as I could.

We fished for the next few hours and I landed 8 trout. I finally understood why Sean would lose sleep, stand outside in the cold, and come home glowing. Fishing for my first time as an adult was a moment that changed my life. It has given me focus, new goals, and a sense of accomplishment that I had not felt before. I will forever be thankful for Sean and his patience that day on Hagg Lake.