My Fall Fishing Shopping List

Fall fishing is in full swing in the Pacific Northwest and some of my favorite rivers are starting to get small pushes of Kings. I have been putting together a shopping list for fall and wanted to share it with my readers. It is always interesting getting a chance to see what is inside other angler’s tackle box and I am excited to give you a peek into mine.


14572543_10153876716230069_385391796_o 14550660_10153876716545069_105183089_o-1 Lamiglas XCC1064 This is the 10’ 6” Kenai Kwik that I use for both bobber fishing and trolling. There is some serious strength in this rod and a nice soft tip.

Lamiglas XCC965GH I have only used this rod this year for trolling and am excited to fight some big fall fish on it.

Lamiglas BSG803GH This rod is the Super G 8’ plug rod. It is so soft and I am really excited to see the action on these beauties.




Daiwa Zillion with TWS 6.1 This reel is one I have been looking forward to fishing. It has the T-Wing System and a free floating spool that makes casting a dream.

Daiwa Tatula HD These are one of my go to reels. The T-Wing system is perfect for bobber fishing.

Daiwa Lexa Line Counter I had the opportunity to fish this reel earlier in the month and decided as soon as I laid eyes on it that I would have to get some for the plug rods.


fall-fishingTerminal Tackle:

Owner SSW Hooks 2/0, 3/0, 4/0, and 5/0

Beau Mac Inline Weights ¾ oz-2oz

Chain Swivels

Sinker Slides

Cheaters pink and red



50# Daiwa J Braid

Seaguar Fluorocarbon 15#-40# Yes I will fish 40# leader if I can get away with it.



Simon Wobbler Floats

Beau Mac ¾ oz & 1oz Torpedo Floats

Beau Mac 1 ½ oz Bobber


Other Stuff:

Bobber Stops


Glow Corkys

Spin n Glow small

Spawn Netting 14550778_10153876718340069_2001134950_o

Ghost Thread


Jet Divers

Cannon Balls all sorts of sizes

Waco Jigs

14585870_10153876717660069_1716166545_o 1518e3_e8b06f31556641679238d30a4319ca40.jpg