Lamiglas XCC1064 GH Review

The Lamiglas XCC1064 GH is my go to rod for salmon fishing. This rod is great for trolling bait or spinners, and it excels at float fishing. The moderate action allows the rod to load beautifully in the rod holder and it allows you to feel the fish during the fight. When bobber fishing with this rod the moderate action is very forgiving when I have a fish on and am moving around in the boat or on the bank to land it. I do not worry about snapping a 10# leader while setting the hook because the action has the needed softness. There is a beautiful balance of back bone and softness in this rod that has made it my favorite rod made by Lamiglas.

I used this rod quite a bit this year on the Columbia and was very impressed by the performance. The graphite handle made it easy to get the rod in and out of the rod holders, there is enough back bone in the XCC1064 to get 30+ lb fish in efficiently on big rivers, and the action allows bait or lures to be trolled through big water beautifully. The 10’ 6” length of this rod is perfect for getting fish into the net when using with long leaders.

When I float fish a long rod is a necessity and the XCC 1064 is my favorite rod to use when I float fish for salmon. The length makes mending line easy and fluid. This length also helps pick up line quickly when setting the hook. The rod is rated 1-6oz lure weight. I am not concerned about casting heavier bobbers long distances because of this rating. This rod is soft and long enough to cast smaller bobbers long distances for spring chinook. A comfortable rod is important to me when I float fish for 12 hours in a day, there are always a few days a season where you have to grind and I am thankful I have the XCC 1064 on those days.  The rod is light enough to fish all day and the handle is comfortable to hold for long day fishing.

Lamiglas makes excellent products and the XCC1064 is by far my favorite rod I have in my collection. I love it so much I have a back up and a back up for the back up. If salmon are running I will be fishing for them with my XCC 1064 because of the versatility and reliability.


The Lamiglas 1064 I reviewed was given to me in a sponsorship endorsement. I chose to review it because I love it.