Kindness is Contagious

Last weekend Sean and I were plunking on the Columbia and our bells were not ringing. While we were enjoying the intermittent sunshine and cold winds, our neighbor’s bell sounded. He raced for his rod and he had a fish on. The fish ran down the bank into a snag. After trying to free it from the snag, with no success, Sean jumped into his waders and headed out into the river. He waded into the Columbia up to his chest, and was able to free the bright hen. After the hen was free, he was able to net her for the stranger fishing next to us. Random acts of kindness are not unusual for Sean, some are no big deal and other acts have changed individual lives. This was not a huge act for him, but seeing his kindness on a daily basis has led to more random acts of kindness on my part. I have experienced many acts of kindness on river banks while fishing and hope to see an increase in these throughout my life. Never hesitate to lend a helping hand, because you never know when you will be the one who needs it.