Jake & Kason Inspiring Young Anglers

 Relentless Angling is a page I have been following on Facebook for some time. One of the reasons I enjoy the posts are the pictures of Joe Knepper with his sons Jake and Kason. Watching these boys do what they love, as a family, while evolving as anglers is very inspiring to me. It is very apparent that the Knepper brothers are constantly learning from each other and their Dad . Their happiness and self confidence shows in each picture while Joe’s smile shows pride in his boys. Many parents don’t have  a hobby that they can share with their children but this family has gone beyond having a hobby, fishing has become a lifestyle.

Jake and Kason are the next generation of fishing and they seem to be on the right path for becoming anglers that will make a difference in fishing. Jake is on Lamiglas Jr. Pro Staff and enjoys inspiring others to fish. More importantly they both do their part to keep our fisheries clean. I had the opportunity to interview these impressive guys and am excited to follow them on social media to continue watching their evolution as anglers. Joe Knepper is a very skilled and passionate angler who is doing a great job teaching his sons to be responsible, skilled anglers.

I hope you enjoy my interview with Jake and Kason Knepper. You can follow them and Relentless Angling on Facebook , YouTube, and on Instagram.

What do you love about fishing? 

Jake- Not many kids my age fish, so it’s a unique hobby that me and just a few of my friends do. It is also very satisfying to catch fish without help from my dad.

Kason- Being in the outdoors, spending time with my Dad and brother. It’s a family tradition that I will do for the rest of my life and with children of my own someday.

What is your favorite fish to fish for and why? 

Jake- I love bass, but summer steelhead are my favorite! Always an incredible fight.

Kason- Summer steelhead are my favorite, I love watching the bobber drop and the adrenaline rush that comes with a hot summer steelhead!

If you could go fishing for any fish in the world what would it be and why? 

Jake-Alaskan King Salmon because they are huge and fight like crazy! Or a Peacock Bass, because they are unique looking.

Kason- Goliath Grouper because the fight would be amazing, and an experience of a lifetime!

How do you think anglers can keep our bodies of water cleaner? 

Jake- Pack it in Pack it out! It’s not that hard!

Kason- Same answer as Jake.

What fishing skill do you want to improve on this year?

Jake- Top water fishing for large mouth bass.

Kason- Catching steelhead on hardware.

How can you make a positive impact on others through fishing? 

Jake- Taking friends fishing who have never fished before, and helping them catch their first fish!

Kason- Encouraging kids to get out doors and get exercise through fishing.

Who is your fishing role model? 

Jake- My Dad is number 1, but with bass it’s John B.

Kason- My Dad, he has taught me everything I know…

What was your favorite fishing trip and why? 

Jake- Deschutes summer steelhead trip. I caught 2 wild steelhead on spinners. Those were my first wild Steelhead and first steelhead caught on spinners!

Kason- Fishing for fall chinook with my Dad and I caught a 25lb king on a spinner!

If you could fish with anyone who would it be and why?

Jake- John B, Lunkers TV, and AP bassin

Kason- I already fish with my dad so I’m good.

What can adults do to help kids stay excited about fishing? 

Jake- Take the time to teach kids. My dad made me learn how to tie my own knots. Learning how to things like that made me excited. I also got the satisfaction of knowing I did it on my own when I catch a fish!

What is your favorite lure? 

Jake- Any top water hard plastic lure


How do you share your love of fishing with others? 

Jake- Through social media posts and videos.

What are your fishing plans for 2017?

Jake- I got a kayak for Christmas, so lots of Kayak fishing. When summer comes around we really catch bunch of summer steelhead.

Kason- Learn bass fishing from Jake, and put the hammer down on summer steelhead!


Jake and Kason keep up the good work!