Inspiring Young Angler Sebastian Chik

This is the first of five articles showcasing young anglers that I find inspiring. The passion these anglers have is absolutely contagious and I am very excited to share a bit about them. They range in age, skill level, and species of fish that they target. These young anglers all share something in common and it is a love of fishing. Encouraging the youth of fishing is important to me. These anglers are the future of fishing and they are the ones that will care for our fisheries when our generation is gone. Teaching good stewardship, sportsmanship, and encouraging youth anglers is a way that we can have a positive impact on the future of fishing.

When I first saw a picture of Sebastian Chik, holding a fish with a huge smile, I could see his love for fishing. I kept seeing more and more from Sebastian and have enjoyed watching his success and the evolution of his fishing. Lamiglas also took note of this driven young man and made him a Jr. Pro Staffer. I am very proud to be on Team Lamiglas with Sebastian and am excited to share an interview I did with him.


What do you love about fishing?

What I love about fishing is the ability to catch and release fish. I do this to study and learn about them and their habitat. It’s like killing two birds with one stone.


What is your favorite fish to fish for and why?

My favorite fish to fish for is of course, walleye, because one of my lures is made to specifically catch them. Also it’s a suspenseful waiting game!

If you could go fishing for any fish in the world what would it be and why?

I would go fishing for Mahi Mahi because their just so beautiful looking fish!


How do you think anglers can keep our bodies of water cleaner?

Fellow fisherman can keep our bodies of water clean by just being aware of your surroundings. It is important to be sure waste doesn’t go into a major waterway, were it can affect lots of fish and their habitat. Preform regular maintenance on your car and check for any leaks because this will prevent oil and other toxic substances from flowing into our sewer and into our waters.

What fishing skill do you want to improve on this year?

I want to improve on my fly fishing skills because I think that it’s a really challenging way to fish and it’s a very skilled art to master. Each fly fisherman’s style is different from one another. Just like Michael Jordan and Larry Bird. Two great players but different in many ways if you watch basketball!


How can you make a positive impact on others through fishing?

I use my fishing knowledge to educate others about the fish, their habitats and the fundamentals of fishing. I also love just being out and enjoying the outdoors. A sport that doesn’t exist to kids and is shadowed by many adults. This may be provoked by the danger of sharp hooks or just having the right gear can be expensive for others who are getting started in the sport or even just the know-hows can stop people in their tracks. Us, as anglers, we have to provide them with information so they can enjoy the sport of fishing . I like to teach others to catch fish so they can catch fish and make fun memories with their first catch. Good memories and catching fish will get people hooked for life!

Who is your fishing role model?

I watched Angler West TV for a long time and Justin Wolf is my fishing hero! About a year ago he came up with a pro team and I would like to join.


What was your favorite fishing trip and why?

I think it was when I was 10 we were fishing for walleye at Banks Lake. I picked up a plastic bottle, cut it out and put some flasher tape on it. My lure caught a monster walleye! This was perfect because I lost my last lure on a snag,

If you could fish with anyone who would it be and why?

I would fish with my Friend Dave Eng, Owner of Fisheng Products. Even though we only fished a couple times together, it seems like we have known each other our entire lives. He is the guy I wouldn’t mind fishing with over and over and over again!


What can adults do to help kids stay excited about fishing?

Encourage them like its any other sport. Give them support so you can feed them energy and encourage them like in football. When they have just gotten tackled, tell them “good effort! You can do it! Get up try again!” My parents treated fishing just like football. Always pushing me to be my best and to get up and try again!

What is your favorite lure?

Mack’s lure. Always wanted to work there and reengineer new lures for them because I have great ideas for the next generation of Mack’s lures by using plastic. Not only that it catches fish, we can save the planet at the same time.

How do you share your love of fishing with others?

I go fishing and talk to others with the same passion. I love meeting new people and educating people! I use social media to teach people the fundamentals of fishing. When I see kids around I like to educate them by letting them touch, feel, and look at the fish. That’s how kids learn best, hands on activities!

Sebastian’s Facebook page is Fishing With Seabass and his Facebook group is  Fishing Black Market. He loves sharing information on these pages.

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