Salmon fishing with Lamiglas SuperG.

Great Presents for Anglers

Are you looking for the perfect present to give to the angler in your life? There are many different fishing rods and many different manufacturers to choose from. My passion is salmon and steelhead fishing but also enjoy getting out for tuna, sturgeon, and halibut. Lamiglas is an iconic rod company based out of Woodland, WA and I am a firm believer in their products. Their products are designed for the fish I target and the craftsmanship is impeccable. All of the rods I have recommended are made in the USA and come with the Lamiglas Limited Lifetime Warranty.

dsc_17991-200x300Lamiglas G1000 Pro GP96JS this is a 9’ 6” 6-15# moderate fast action rod that will make a great gift for the steelheader in your life. This is a great all around rod for steelhead. It excels at float fishing and is great to pitch spinners with. The features that stand out on the Lamiglas G1000 Pro GP96JS are the double locking reel seat, cork handle, graphite blank, and a parabolic bend that makes fighting fish an incredible experience. MSRP $350 dsc_1402-442x294

Lamiglas Super G BSG1065GH is an absolutely amazing salmon trolling rod. The 10’6” rod makes for a nice spread on the boat and the action is absolutely beautiful. This rod is very soft yet has a lot of strength to it. The softness of the fiberglass is very nice because it allows soft biters to really take the bait. The Super G is very nice looking, featuring a carbon fiber handle and a black gloss finish on the blank. MSRP $380


Lamiglas Kenai Kwik XCC 1064 is hands down my favorite rod made by Lamiglas. This is a very versatile rod that I personally use for trolling and bobber fishing for Chinook. The XCC 1064 is a 10’6” rod with a moderate action and heavy power. It has the ability to carry heavy lead on big rivers and is balanced perfectly for bobber fishing. This Kenai Kwik is a salmon fishing machine and any angler would love to see this under the tree. MSRP $408 and can often be found for less at your local tackle store or online.


Lamiglas Redline HS 98 MLS is a great rod for the money. This is a 9’ 8” moderate fast, medium light rod that is perfect for bobber fishing or drift fishing for steelhead. This is a great gift for beginner and advanced anglers because of the quality and the rod’s ability to be fished different ways. Bobber, spinner, spoon, and drift fishing are what the Lamiglas Redline HS 98 MLS  was designed for. MSRP $182 and can often be found for less at your local tackle store or online.

Currently Fish-Field in Tigard, OR has great deals on Lamiglas products. Fish-Field also has an online store.