Future of our sport

12295095_191697234507207_180766020_oThe future of our sport is in the hands of children, they will be the next stewards of the fisheries we love and will be the ones to shape fishing for their children. I am inspired by the children I meet on the water and also by the parents that are working hard to leave a wonderful legacy to their little ones. The children I have meet on the water have different intentions than the adults that are by their sides. The adults are looking for big, bright chrome fish while the children are out for the experience of learning how to fish. The excitement of reeling in a fish of their own is the highlight of the trip.




Ryan is a fisherman that contacted me about his daughter Destany. He is so proud of his deckhand/fishing buddy and all she has accomplished. Destany is 8 years old and has been fishing since she was 3 years old. I was so touched to hear some of the details about the special bond this father and daughter have. Destany has inspired me to work harder at leaving our fisheries better than they are today for the next generation. 12278155_191697224507208_649597529_n



Destany’s Dad sent me many photos of her fishing her heart out, and  helped me do a little interview that I would like to share. I hope this inspires you as much as it does me.




Why do you love fishing?

I love to fish because it is a fun sport and you never know what or how big your catch will be!

Tell me about your favorite fishing trip?

Her favorite trip was to the Siletz it was a wind storm day and in full rain gear trying to stay warm. The sun came out and she got to real in seven fish. This was the day she caught her biggest fish ever. It was 34 pounds.


How do you think adults can help kids have more fun fishing?

Parents can help kids more by always having patience and helping us learn how to do everything and help do the bait and learn knots

Do you have any advice for girls that fish?

Don’t give up, ask questions and watch what others are doing if there catching fish and try to do the same thing.