Renee Johnson PNW lady angler spring chinook fishing

Fisherwoman’s Pursuit of Happiness

Seeking happiness when life is tough can be a struggle for all of us at some point in our lives or another. The more I have sought happiness in my life the easier it is to find. From the loss of a loved one, hard times in a relationship, or even during a skunk I have made it a point to seek happiness. Currently I am recovering from ankle surgery and can see happiness all around me. Other times it feels wonderful to wallow in my own sadness but it is not the place I choose to live my life. Each time I seek happiness it becomes easier the next time I need to do it. Sometimes I make lists to help quantify happiness and I wanted to share this most recent one with you.

  1. Sean Derry is absolutely amazing and he is not only an incredible husband, he brings silliness and laughter to every situation.
  2. My Mother is hilarious, strong, and caring. She is a great mother and role model. Thank you for your love of stupid movies and gangster rap.
  3. Eric Johnson is a kind and tough person. He has brought the motto “Harden the Fuck Up” into my life and is a Dad that encourages me to be kind and tough.
  4. Ice feels incredible. There is an ice pack imbedded in my cast that attaches to a circulator machine. I love this thing.
  5. Barrett and Porterhouse are good boys that are excited just to see me.
  6. Bradley is my old cat that is the best snuggler when I am hurt.
  7. Hearing fishing stories make my day, there was one about a summer and a coon shrimp that put a huge smile on my face.
  8. Knee scooters are a genius invention and I am thankful for my sweet ride.
  9. Netflix – Do I really need to explain?
  10. Coach and his personalized balloon.
  11. Crutches with beautiful teal padding.
  12. Finding more graceful ways to crawl up the stairs.
  13. Showers
  14. Cast covers for showers
  15. Dollar Tree totes for everything that is important for recovery
  16. Pineapple because it is delicious
  17. Amazon Prime
  18. Friends that are there to lift you up
  19. Group chat always has something amazingly silly on it that makes me laugh.
  20. Girlfriends are hard to find but the ones I have are caring, kind, and help lift me up when I am down
  21. The guides I have done media work for. I love watching them succeed and hearing their fishing stories for the day.
  22. Fish pictures with people proud of their hard work.
  23. Facebook has had some very negative things lately but there have been some really wonderful posts about fishing.
  24. Charcoal face wipes
  25. Standing up to brush my teeth
  26. Laughter it is my best medicine
  27. Watching Lost
  28. Getting physically stronger
  29. Talladega Nights
  30. Funny Memes
  31. Support and love of friends and family
  32. Chunk and her gallon of glue
  33. Planning fishing trips for the future
  34. Sleeping in my own bed
  35. Sleeping on the couch
  36. Funny things I did waking up from anesthesia
  37. Encouragement from strangers
  38. Handicap placard
  39. Sparkling water
  40. Favored water
  41. My Grandma that had brain surgery the same day I had ankle surgery
  42. Toe covers
  43. Dresses
  44. Enchiladas
  45. Pink Toenails post op ankle and crutches
  46. My husband brushing my hair
  47. Hoodies
  48. Dog kisses
  49. Good self-talk
  50. The ability to find love and hope in everything.

Five people holding chrome fall chinook.