Fillet Away Fish Mats

For years I have been cleaning and filleting fish on either a big cutting board on a counter top or the top of a large cooler. The process was a slippery, messy, but something that always got done. Having knife marks on the top of an expensive rotomolded cooler is not something I look forward to, but sometimes I just have to suck it up and process my catch. Cleaning stations are a place that I avoid at all costs. The smell, flies, and not knowing when the last time they were disinfected is enough to keep me far away.

I had been watching videos and hearing about Fillet Away Fish Mats on social media. I was intrigued but skeptical. Other fish cleaning mats didn’t look like they were heavy duty enough or easy enough to clean to be a good fit for me. Finally after multiple cuts from fish slipping, and many messes on the counter tops I decided it was time to try Fillet Away Fish Mats.

Shipping of the mats was incredibly fast, I wasn’t even looking for them in the mail when they came. When I opened the box I was immediately impressed with the mats. The texture of the mat was soft and there wasn’t a cheap rubber smell to them.

When it was time to process a freshly caught steelhead, I was very excited to try out my new mats.

The steelhead I caught fit perfectly on the two Filet Away Mats with room to spare. Chinook will fit well on two mats. When I made the first cut on the fish I was impressed at how the fish barely moved when I ran the knife along the spine. When I flipped the fish over and did the same on the other side I was very thankful to not have to chase a slippery bloody fish across a cutting board.

Cleaning the mat was incredibly easy. I just submerged it in soapy water then rinsed it off. All the chunks of fish and slime came off easily. It is nice that the mats are dishwasher safe, that will come in handy after a long fishing weekend.

Storing the mats is very easy. I laid them flat in a garbage bag and put them in the garage so they will stay clean for the next use. They can easily be rolled up and stored in a boat too.

After using the Fillet Away Fish Mats I have been wondering why I hadn’t looked into them sooner. Processing fish is not my favorite part of fishing and these mats make the process so much easier and cleaner.

Fillet Away Fish Mats are made in Post Falls, Idaho and are available at Fillet Away.

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