A Little Bit of Fishing Etiquette

Now that Spring Chinook season is in full swing I just wanted to put together some tips that will make for a more successful fishing trip with less stress. Battling crowds to go fishing is not always the most pleasant situation for a lot of anglers, but here are some tips to make it more productive and enjoyable for all.

  • Read and follow the regulations for the area you will be fishing. There are often special regulations during certain times of the year. I have found it helpful to download the Rules and Regulations onto my phone. That way I have easy access to them and do not have to carry around the printed version.
  • Follow the rules if you are fishing on private property. They are posted by the owner of the property for a reason.
  • When finding a spot to fish on a crowded bank make sure to ask if you are going to squeeze in next to someone. Taking the spot a person is fishing should not be done unless you have their permission or they have packed up and left.
  • Cadence is very important when fishing in groups. Let down stream cast first and wait your turn to cast. When anglers think about cadence when casting there are more opportunities for everyone to have their line in the water. If you are next to cast and are not ready to cast do not expect the people up stream to wait for you. Be ready to cast the next time around.
  • Reel in your line when someone has a fish on. If you want to fish while there is a fish on and you are not near the fish being fought this is fine, but you may have to reel up again if the fish runs towards your line. At some fishing holes fishing while a fish is on is fine at other holes it is not a good idea. It is always a good thing to ask.
  • When in Rome do as the Romans do. If you get to a hole and everyone is fishing with a bobber use a bobber setup. It is considered rude to start throwing spinners, drift fishing, or plunking when the anglers that were fishing before you are bobber fishing. If you absolutely must use something other than what is already being used go off to a different part of the hole to fish where you will not disrupt the other anglers.
  • Do not cast over other anglers lines into faster water than they are working. Doing this will cause your bobber to move into the other lines. When this happens people have to reel in to avoid a mess of lines.
  • Communicate with other anglers about things that are going on. If you have a fish on or if a fish is running up or down river are perfect things to let people know about.
  • Clean up your trash and any other mess you make.
  • Be kind. A little bit of kindness or a smile can go a long way.
  • Respect other anglers, fish, the land you are fishing on, and the river you are fishing.