I consider myself very lucky to be a member of many families one I was born into, the other I created with my husband, and my fishing family. This fishing family is a tight group of friends that formed because we share a common passion. Fishing is not just something we do for fun it is a lifestyle and with it comes the opportunities to share incredible experiences with the ones you call family.

At times my family does not always see eye to eye, just as an immediate family does not. Our love of fishing, mutual respect, and the joy we share together is what binds us. We come together to offer support to one another and work together to make the day a success. There have been times when fishing is tough and we have all been on the water from daylight to sundown working for that last fish. Times like this it is good knowing that a member of your fishing family has something set aside for you to eat when you are finally done fishing. As any other family we share successes and struggles while working together to get the job done.

My family is a group that works hard and fishes hard. We give back to the community and appreciate the opportunities that have been given to us. Fishing is supposed to be fun and we all have a blast when fishing together. This is something we like to share with the people we meet, along with encouraging others to fish ethically. We support each other through thick and thin the way a family should. I could not ask for a better group of people to call my family.